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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Web Design

You bring the project.
We will deliver the team, tools, and expertise.
After an initial conversation about your digital marketing strategy, project goals, and existing website (if applicable), we can provide you with an estimated cost for your project. Completing our Online Web Design Questionnaire provides us with the initial information that we need to explore your project needs. We carefully and respectfully select which projects are a good fit for our strategic expertise; if price is your primary concern, we may not be the best agency to work on your web design project.
It really depends on the complexity and requirements of your project, as well as our current design production schedule for other clients. For a web design project, we typically provide a timeline for you at the start of the project, after an agreement has been signed. The average site takes 2-6 months to complete, including a strategy and scoping phase that can take 2-4 weeks to learn about your unique business problems. Meeting our initial schedule relies heavily on the time it takes to receive all client input, content, and approvals. We do not accept rush projects and expect all clients to meet all schedule deadlines, just as we will.
If you are located nearby, we certainly can. However, we can easily start the conversation about your project needs through using email, phone, Skype and screencasts.
No, we don’t provide comps for any potential client for a few very important reasons that have to do with our respect for you and our respect for our team’s process:
  • A comp is a rushed attempt to give a prospective client something to be excited about, and has more to do with bells and whistles than real strategy or research-based processes.
  • A comp poses a very real threat of giving the client something “weak” that they may become attached to, and which we may feel is a wrong direction after we conduct our Discovery phase and research.
  • Prior to the Discovery phase, which occurs after a web contract has been agreed to in principle and a deposit has been paid, we know the prospective client at such a preliminary level that there is simply no way we can provide a comp that reflects the work we put into every project we create for a client.
A successful website design has as much to do with content strategy, information architecture, usability and navigation as it does to do with “design”. When asked for a comp it sends us a red flag that perhaps the client doesn’t respect those elements and the importance they have in the successful outcome of the project.

Web design projects require a fifty-percent deposit, which includes our strategy and scoping session, plus domain registration fees (if applicable) at the start of the project and the remaining balance plus the first month’s hosting fees are paid in installments (at each major project milestone) prior to launch. All payments may be made in cash, money order or by credit/debit card. Company checks are accepted with a 5% fee that will be refunded upon full balance clearance.

Yes, we do offer a referral program for closed business. Read more about our Referral Program.

No. Our websites are developed with a web-based content management system (WordPress) that allows users to easily add and edit new content with any popular browser anywhere in the world.

Although our sites are designed to allow non-technical users to update and maintain their own sites, we do offer monthly maintenance contracts. Available packages can be viewed at Website Maintenance Plans page.

We cannot guarantee a specific amount of traffic or search engine ranking. However, our code is search-engine optimized and your site will be visible to search engines. We are very knowledgeable about best practices for search engine marketing, conversion optimization, and search optimization. We can offer you direction for additional steps you can take on your own to improve your ranking — in addition to the complimentary search engine optimization services that come with all design projects.

We recommend hosting with us, as it will ensure that your content management system and other related services stay updated and, should technical support be needed, we can easily resolve future technical issues. Should you prefer a different hosting provider, we can recommend WordPress-friendly hosts.

If your website header has a non-white background (as most do), a transparent logo will blend in with the site’s background or header color. It is required for a web design project to ensure that our creative team has the most design options available.

We can develop your website to do either or both.

Have a question that is not listed in this web design FAQ? Contact us.
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