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Frequently Asked Questions - Annual Purchasing Account

To pay for an order, please submit your payment by clicking the button below.

Once you have added all desired items to your shopping cart, click the Proceed to Checkout button on the cart page. In the payment method section of the Checkout page, select Credit (Bill Me) as the payment method. Entering your credit card details in this section will not be considered an extension of credit and will not be reported to the credit bureaus.

We do not accept product or order returns, unless we have made an error. Please read our full Returns policy.

Route shipping insurance is a low-cost 3rd Party shipping protection service. We now offer this optional value-added service at checkout, which you can purchase for just 1% of your order (a minimum of $0.98).  If you have a missing shipment or damage claim and purchased Route Insurance, please do not contact us.  Instead, please visit:



When you purchase a product with Route+ shipping insurance, you will get an email with your Route Order ID and a link to file a claim.

To go straight to the claim form, click here.

To file a claim from your email, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your email from Route.
  2. In the email, copy your Route Order ID and then click FILE A CLAIM.


  3. In the claim form, fill out the required information–email address, subject line, and claim type.
  4. Once you choose a claim type (lost, stolen, or damaged), paste or type the Route Order ID into the required field. 
  5. Fill out the rest of the fields and click Submit

Please accurately fill out all of the required fields so Route can help you as quickly as possible!

Monthly statements are not emailed or sent via postal mail.

However, for each order placed, invoices are sent by email immediately and a copy is included in your order shipment. The payment instructions and membership invoicing terms are stated on all invoices. 

A monthly statement includes a summary of all orders/invoices made during a monthly statement period.

To view your credit account summary

1. Visit the My Account page and login with the credentials (username and password) created when you submitted your credit application. 

2. On the left side of the My Account screen, click the Credit Overview link.

To view your monthly statements from Credit Overview summary

You are able to view all current and previous statements at any time.

1. On the Credit Overview screen, click the View Statements link at the bottom.

2. Under Select Statement Period, select the desired monthly statement period by month and year.

Our billing system will generate a bill/statement on the same date of each month, which can be found on your Credit Overview page. The monthly statement will include all the transactions/orders made since your last statement date (approximately every 30 days).

  1. Login to your My Account area
  2. Click the pink View & Pay Monthly Statement button to review your credit account summary.
  3. Click the Make Payment button at the bottom of that screen.

Once you click the Make Payment button, you will be redirected to the checkout page for making the repayment. When submitting your full statement balance, it will appear as a product called, MONTHLY BILL REPAYMENT. This will not be placing another order for the same products, it is only used for repayment of your tradeline.

If it is before your bill date, you may submit payment for a single order using our secure Pay by Order form.

  • Please have your order number and order total (which can be found by clicking the View All Orders link on the left) before submitting this form. One form must be submitted per order.

Important Note:

Payments can take up to 2 business days to be reflected on your account summary or monthly statement.

However, ALL payments are reported to the Business Credit Bureaus.

Upon payment, you will receive a transactional receipt via email confirming your payment for your records immediately. Please make sure to pay the exact amount due.

Creative Analytics invoices on a monthly/~30-day revolving basis much like no-interest credit cards which issue a billing statement for all transactions made within the statement period. We do not issue 30-day invoices per order. All transactions made during a monthly statement period are due by your statement closing date, which can be found in your My Account area. 

Invoicing terms and payment instructions can be found on all printed invoices packed with order shipments and on all emailed order confirmations sent instantly upon placing your order.

We are unable to accept payment over the phone for the privacy and confidentiality of our customers and protection from liability.

At this time, auto-payment for your statement is not available. We recommend that you pre-pay for orders either immediately after receiving order confirmation or shipment confirmation, if you believe you may forget to pay on time.

Monthly digital service subscriptions are auto-billed monthly to the card on file that you used to pay your initial setup fee for the service.

You can change your password by visiting the Profile link in your My Account area.

You can change your email address by visiting the Profile link in your My Account area. However, it is not recommended that you change your email address from the email address listed on your application.

You can change your billing or shipping address for orders by visiting the Addresses link in your My Account area. These addresses are not reported to the business credit bureaus.

You can add/delete your credit card or debit card on file by visiting the Payment Methods link in your My Account area. To change details for an existing card on file, you will need to first add a payment method, then delete the obsolete one.

No. You must first meet the minimum order requirements of $100 to be reported once you are approved. After the first reporting, there is no minimum to be reported, as long as a transaction is made during the reporting period.


We report monthly in the last 7 days of the month.

If you still have questions, click the below link and submit your query to our support team.

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