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Tradeline Reference Policy

Active business account holders can request a credit reference to be submitted to a third-party financial institution or trade inquirer. We do not reply to credit references verbally or by phone — references are ONLY provided in writing and submitted electronically.

To request a credit/tradeline reference the customer must submit the form below to include the customer’s authorization signature and payment. 

Pricing & Turnaround Time

A processing fee is charged to the customer for this service upon submission of the request form. Our fee information is as follows – Please note that turnaround time begins once third-party financial institution or trade inquirer has given us electronic submission information/link:

Standard Processing Fee: $15 (7-10 business day turnaround)

Rush Processing Fee: $25 (2-3 business day turnaround)

This processing fee is for the service rendered by the Credit Department and may not be refunded. Turnaround time may vary due to existing request volume.

Information Included in Reference

We may provide any of the following information requested:

  • Customer since date
  • The current balance in an approximate figure range
  • Amount of credit extended (Credit Limit)
  • Total amount outstanding in an approximate figure range
  • High balance in an approximate figure range
  • Account status: Current, Past Due
  • Date of Last Transaction
  • Payment History

How to Submit a Reference Request

Customers must meet the following criteria to request a reference on their behalf:

  • Have a minimum 3 months of transactions
  • Have an Active Account in good standing

Complete your Reference Request in 3 steps: 

Step 1: Customers must complete the Tradeline Reference Request form below, including their Creative Analytics’ account number, the customer authorization section, payment, and name of institution/vendor requesting the reference.

Step 2: Customer notifies the third-party financial institution/ inquirer of their request to send Creative Analytics electronic submission information for Tradeline reference request by email.

Step 3: Third-party financial institution/ inquirer submits the electronic submission information for the Reference Request via email to : credit@creativeanalyticsdc.com

To avoid processing delays, read important guidelines for submitting a request below:

  • For the protection of your information and ours, phone calls for verification and requests not using the dedicated request form will NOT be accepted.
  • Customer is responsible for notifying the third-party financial institution/ inquirer that they must submit a secure link or portal for Creative Analytics to submit information by email.
  • If the required information is not included on the form, payment is not received, or third-party financial institution/ inquirer submission information is not received, then the request will not be processed.

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