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Corporate Nerd Inc

The Client

CORPORATENERD INC, led by CEO Gary Nelson, is a reputable professional services company that provides back-office administrative services. CORPORATENERD INC has gained recognition for its knowledge, experience, and diligence in executing services for its clients, including investment advisor firms, law offices, and mortgage and title companies.

The Problem

CORPORATENERD INC recognized the need to enhance its online presence and establish a professional image that aligns with its expertise. They required a new website that would effectively showcase their services, embrace technology for marketing via social media platforms, and streamline administrative functions such as billing and invoicing. Additionally, they aimed to provide clients with a centralized medium to access their accounts and documents.

Our Solution

Creative Analytics partnered with CORPORATENERD INC to develop a dynamic and modern WordPress website to meet their objectives. Our team worked closely with Gary to understand their vision and target audience. Leveraging our expertise in WordPress web design, we created a visually appealing and user-friendly website that presented a professional image and provided essential functionalities.

Project Highlights

Putting together a website is a task, and finding the right individual or company is even more complex. We searched for a while looking for a company that had the ability to create, design and optimize a website. Your website in many cases is the face of your company. We knew we wanted to make a good, fresh change but had different needs than the average company. Creative Analytics worked hard with us to ensure that our needs and ideas were met, no matter how long the process was to get there. They have great taste in design and will also guide you through the process and beyond.
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