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You bring the project.
We will deliver the team, tools, and expertise.

Business Process & Marketing Automation

Struggling with Make or Zapier?

Struggling to solve issues with automation on your favorite platform for months?

Know what processes you want to automate in your business but don’t know what’s possible or how to execute it?

Hate computers but want to do less work?

Work smarter, not harder with Business Process Automation!

Companies that use business process automation see a 451% increase in QUALIFIED leads

Over 15% of businesses see a decline in revenue each year because they use outdated or ineffective processes.

Schedule a call today to learn how our low-to-no-code automation service can give your team hours of time back. Start connecting your apps to create streamlined business and marketing processes that save you time, reduce costs, increase engagement, grow your audience, and scale your business!

Whether you need help deciding what to automate or help setting up automations, here are some examples of what’s possible:

Why work with Creative Analytics to automate your workflows?

The world is changing, and we all dream of the day when we can make more money and do less work. Automation is helping us get closer to making this dream a reality.

What are the next steps to work with us?

Step 1

1st, We will discuss your organization's automation pain points and reverse engineer your symptoms into an automation "diagnosis" and strategic, prescriptive solution.

Step 2

Next, We will build out your automated processes using an integrator and work automation tools such as Make.

Additional Powerful Benefits

Save Time & Scale Your Business!

Our Pricing Overview
Are you ready to start maximizing your return on your business & marketing efforts?​
Schedule a call for individual quotes based on your specific automation needs.

Individual Project-Base

An estimated amount of hours and timeline will be given after your first call.

Retainer Based

$800/10 hrs
Minimum contract of 9 months.


$30/month-for each scenario
We maintain your automation scenarios on Make, handle issues, and apply best practices.
Automation Products + Solutions Subscriptions
Ready-to-deploy solutions for specific business processes

6 Month


9 Month


12 Month

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