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Business Process & Marketing Automation

You bring the project.
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Streamline Your Business Processes with Automation

Do you recognize the processes you want to automate but are tangled in the ‘how’? Are platforms like Zapier and Make causing more confusion than convenience? Say goodbye to tech headaches and hello to simplified, efficient operations with our Business Process and Marketing Automation services. We bridge the gap between your existing apps, building robust automated systems tailored to your unique needs. Witness efficiency soar, costs plummet, engagement increase, audience growth, and rapid business scaling. We transform your complexities into streamlined solutions — let us execute your vision of seamless automation!

Creative Analytics: Where Innovation Meets Automation

Are you eager to maximize efficiency and drive your operations to new heights? Creative Analytics is your perfect partner for this transformative journey. Our hassle-free scheduling and expertise in leading integration platforms ensure you get the best automation—Fact: Companies utilizing business process automation see a remarkable increase in qualified leads. However, over 15% of businesses suffer a decline in revenue annually due to outdated or ineffective processes. We’re here to ensure you’re part of the thriving majority by transforming your dream of greater profitability with reduced work into a dynamic reality.

Transformative Automation Possibilities Unleashed

Embrace the vast benefits of business automation with Creative Analytics, from generating more leads and growing your audience to capturing rich customer data and providing upgraded personalized customer experiences. We connect your favorite web apps to your CRM and other vital business applications, pushing you closer to your dream of increased profitability with reduced effort. It’s time to harness the power of transformation.

Explore the extensive range of automation possibilities with Creative Analytics:

The Process of Transforming Workflows: Our Methodical Approach

Unleash the full potential of automation with our well-structured process that doesn’t just target immediate issues but strategically propels your business toward exponential growth. Accompanied by our pricing plans, we offer a clear and efficient pathway to business transformation.

Discover + Diagnose
Build + Implement


After meticulously planning and executing your business process automation, it’s time to consider the investment involved. We offer various pricing models to accommodate your needs, ensuring you receive the best value for your investment. Whether you opt for an individual project, retainer-based ongoing support, or scenario management, our structured pricing model caters to your requirements.

Individual Project

We will generate an estimated investment and timeline for your specific project

Ongoing Support

$800/10 hrs
Minimum contract of 9 months

Ongoing Support

Scenario Management
$30/month-for each scenario
Full maintenance of your automation scenarios


Start Your Automation Journey Now

Stepping into the world of efficiency and growth has never been easier. It’s time to take the next step. Optimize your operations, increase engagement, and skyrocket your productivity with our automation services. Schedule a call with us today.


Check out these powerful testimonials from our satisfied clients who have experienced success with our wide range of services. Each customer story embodies our commitment to results and superior service across all our offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get started, reach out to us by scheduling a call on our calendar conveniently embedded on this page. Our team will then set up a meeting to discuss your organization’s automation pain points and understand your needs.

Contrary to many digital marketing agencies in the 210, we put the return on investment (ROI) over everything. We never provide our clients with phony metrics and offer in-depth reports demonstrating whether our business is raising your bottom line.

When you choose Creative Analytics as your ongoing strategic partner, you can expect a monthly scorecard that tracks KPIs like lead generation, organic traffic, paid traffic, conversion rates, and more against benchmarks. You’ll also get access to our mobile app to streamline communication and archive these reports and other assets.

We offer ongoing support on a retainer-based model or through scenario management. Our team will be readily available to ensure your automated systems function seamlessly and effectively. The exact terms of this support can be found in your specific contract with us.

Absolutely. We can help identify potential areas for automation in your business operations. Our team is experienced in business process analysis and can work with you to pinpoint processes that can be streamlined through automation.

We understand that businesses evolve, and changes may be necessary. As part of our ongoing support, we assist with modifications or updates to your automation system as per the terms of your contract.

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Take the Next Step in Automation

It’s time to work smarter, not harder. Don’t wait another day! Schedule a call and let us help you automate your business processes, saving time and money while increasing productivity.

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