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WordPress website design that converts visitors into brand advocates

The conversion-optimized websites we produce are powered by WordPress, a flexible content management system. To truly leverage the potential of your web traffic, Creative Analytics focuses on conversion optimization throughout the Discovery and Design process. In the case of a redesign, our WordPress web designed websites can transform a poor-performing website with a 3% (average) conversion rate to sometimes up to 50% – 200%.

Our RAPID UX+™ Design Phase

Our innovative and iterative web design phaseRAPID UX+™ (Rapid Analytic Persona-Tested Iterative Design) — leverages experience design, user testing and data with several iterations of high-fidelity prototypes. The process allows us to fix usability and UX issues during the design & prototyping process – before developers begin coding.
RAPID UX+™ Design Phase​
Creative Analytics exclusively uses WordPress as the CMS for all of our custom-built websites. WordPress web design is flexible, scalable, easy-to-use, and optimized for search engines.

Conversion Rate Optimization for WordPress Websites

Conversion optimization is the art and science of persuading your site visitors to take measurable action – such as making a donation, submitting a form, completing a purchase, or committing to some positive future action. Conversion rate optimization uses a wide variety of techniques, including persuasive copywriting, content marketing, social media marketing, and credibility-based web design, to convert visitors into brand ambassadors. By planning, designing, and optimizing your website to persuade, we can ensure it will more efficiently convey your messaging and galvanize your target audience to act.

Our Conversion-Optimized WordPress Web Design Process

The Creative Analytics team is based in Washington, DC and includes strategists, coders, content specialists, creative digital artists, illustrators, analytics and database specialists — we can tackle any web development project, large or small, with the poise of a big creative agency.
RAPID UX+ Design

WordPress Web Design & Custom Theme Development

Creative Analytics’ websites come equipped with a powerful, user-friendly, content management system (CMS) in the backend, WordPress. A content management system allows any user within your organization – regardless of technical expertise – to add/edit content on the fly from any web browser. WordPress was originally a blogging platform. However, in recent years, many web designers and agencies have begun to use WordPress as a CMS to power websites in addition to blogs. Almost 25% of the world’s sites, including some of the most visited websites on the Internet, are powered by WordPress – CNN, Pepsi, Nikon, and Wall Street Journal. A WordPress-powered site is fully customizable with the use of plugins, custom settings and custom themes.

WordPress websites are very search engine-friendly. Users can add keywords and tags when adding or editing content. WordPress websites are significantly more search engine-optimized than most other HTML-driven sites. We specialize in WordPress web design.

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