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Email Marketing

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Drive 75% more engagement and skyrocket sales from your email list with email marketing

When you’re juggling everything from customer service to social media to payroll to daily operations, email marketing can feel like yet another task for businesses and founders. But there’s a reason why many brands dedicate 15-20% of their marketing budget to email marketing. For many brands, their email list is the single most valuable asset in their business and effective marketing to their list has the highest return on investment — earning businesses as much as $44 for every $1 spent. Creative Analytics leverages industry-leading tools and our deep domain expertise to deliver unique, tailored email experiences that captivate your audience and drive more engagement and sales.

Email Marketing Strategy

Your email strategy is a key part of your cross-channel marketing efforts. Email strategy must be driven by data, conversion optimization, deliverability best practices, strategic content planning, segmentation, and testing to ensure your messages are always on-brand, timely, and relevant to your recipients. Creative Analytics will audit your email file and current strategy and identify the best content plan, KPIs, and ongoing strategy to achieve maximum Return-on-Investment (ROI) and organizational goals. Once we launch your new strategy — and new creative and segmentation plan, if desired — we take on the role of your internal partner to continuously optimize and refine your strategy for the best results. Backed by data-driven strategies, we consistently ensure your emails cut through cluttered inboxes and truly connect with your audience.

Creative Services + Email Design

A great email is a marriage of relevant content, design best practices, and branding. On-brand design creates a consistent and memorable experience for your audience and helps to deliver your message with minimum friction and maximize engagement. Our comprehensive email creative services include copywriting, template and image design, and individual email campaign builds in your email marketing platform.

We build more than just emails; we create experiences. Each element, from the color scheme and typography to layout and imagery, is tailored to convey your brand’s unique story. Coupling compelling design with persuasive writing, our services turn your email campaigns into powerful connection, conversion, and customer retention tools.

Campaign Management + Reporting

Executing a successful email marketing campaign requires strategic planning and effective execution. We handle everything from scheduling to monitoring — ensuring your content reaches your audience at optimal times.

We also understand that informed decision-making is vital to your success. Therefore, we provide detailed reports on campaign performance and subscriber engagement. These insights allow us to refine strategies, help you to understand your audience better, and optimize your return on investment. Fuel your growth through data-driven insights and effective campaign management.

Our Email Marketing Process

Our services are comprehensive, and turnaround times are fast. We’re here to ensure that your email campaigns are not just sent but are also compelling, resonant, and results-driven. Here is what to expect when you choose us.

Strategy Formation
Campaign Planning & Copywriting
Creative Design & Execution
Email Subscription Management
Performance Monitoring & Optimization

Ready to Drive Maximum Results from Your Email List?

Elevate your brand engagement and sales with our comprehensive battle-tested email marketing services. Start seeing results today.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. We personalize email templates to match your brand style, colors, and tone.
Drip marketing involves sending automated emails based on specific timelines or user actions to nurture leads.
We analyze your audience and segment them into targeted groups based on various criteria such as demographics, interests, or behavior.
Our prices depend on your specific needs and goals. Please contact us for a personalized quote.

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