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Vita Nova Wellness Clinic

Client Overview

Vita Nova Wellness Clinic, based in the bustling Baltimore area, is a beacon of holistic health and wellness. Renowned for its innovative approach, the clinic offers a range of services, including IV infusions and cutting-edge ketamine therapy, all designed to harmonize mind, body, and spirit. Situated in a competitive market, Vita Nova strives to provide its discerning clientele with an experience that transcends the ordinary, blending luxury with unparalleled patient care and the latest in medical technology.

The Problem

Prior to its grand opening in Baltimore, Vita Nova Wellness Clinic faced a significant challenge. Its existing website failed to mirror the clinic’s luxurious essence and innovative offerings. The site was plagued with a lack of brand alignment, a cumbersome product menu, and a poor user experience that did not appeal to the high-net-worth individuals the clinic aimed to attract. Additionally, the website’s messaging fell short of highlighting the esteemed clinical team’s profound expertise and the clinic’s unique holistic health mission. In essence, the website did not serve as an effective digital gateway to the exceptional services and experience Vita Nova promised.

The Solution

Creative Analytics stepped in to revolutionize Vita Nova’s online presence with a comprehensive web redesign strategy. The agency embarked on a journey to realign the clinic’s website with its luxurious brand identity. This involved conducting thorough competitive research to ensure Vita Nova stood out in a crowded market. The color scheme was overhauled to embody luxury, incorporating natural tones and elegant metallics that resonate with sophistication and calm.

The heart of the redesign centered on crafting compelling copy that effectively communicated the depth of experience and credentials of Vita Nova’s clinical team. Emphasizing the clinic’s mission, the new content strategy was infused with search-optimized elements to enhance visibility and attract the targeted clientele. The modern design and layout not only elevated the visual appeal with high-impact imagery but also aligned with the luxurious brand identity and meticulous aesthetic upheld by the clinic’s operators.

Creative Analytics amplified Vita Nova’s Google Business Profile listing to drive increased clicks, calls, and bookings for the clinic — fostering a stronger connection with the community and potential clients. Additionally, we developed local partnerships with surrounding businesses and influencers and planned the grand opening event to elevate local awareness within the community.

Completed within an aggressive timeline of under 30 days, the redesigned website emerged as a true reflection of Vita Nova Wellness Clinic’s ethos. It now stands as a digital bastion of luxury wellness, inviting visitors to explore a world where cutting-edge technology and holistic health converge to create a transformative wellness journey.

The Transformation


Vita Nova Wellness Clinic


Vita Nova Wellness Clinic

Project Highlights

I am absolutely thrilled with the web redesign services provided by Creative Analytics. From the outset, the team worked closely with us to truly understand and refine our vision, creating a site that exceeded our expectations. Every aspect, from the color palette to the font choices, was handled with meticulous attention to detail and understanding of our customer persona. I highly recommend Creative Analytics for their unmatched skill, customer service, and attention to detail.
Vita Nova Wellness Clinic
Dr. Brijen L. Joshi, MD
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